Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

KICKFEST 2010 nd behind of it

uyeeaaaa been hectic saturday night. tanish everywhere. am so confuse for this event. it was one of Bandung-big-event, but why-the-event-isn't-in-indoor? raining yooo!!
we off for Kickfest. then we were going to one of western restaurant. ah yes, again and again we got a horrible terrify service. weird!!!
overall, i don't mind while am with them :)

and i had a discussion with her. around boys. trash boys. everybody knows. oh boys!
hey restu, i've a perfect match lyrics from my buddy's band named Risin' Black Hole. here's the lyrics:
everybody knew they're liar
everybody knew they're player
everybody knew they're never serious with our love again
and i tell you once again

~don't mind it~



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