Kamis, 25 Februari 2010

treat me like a girl, hey you boys!

hey-hoo am in semarang again for many times nd what a special holiday for this time :)
idk for sure is it a holiday or i just spent my leisure time in semarang, but one thing for sure this is what am waiting for. been two years i never met them since our high school. they are one of my besties.
named ikbal nd akmal.
yeaah ikbal turns his nickname into balqi. he said that it's his new on-air name (fyi: ikbal is announcer too in Prambors Semarang, hhe) nd the other, akmal, my old rival in senior high school reincarnate into a vocalist. haha. everything changes!!

we went to traditional restaurant near from Undip. do not ask me about the price. i think everything is sssooo cheap! idk why but it was save my wallet. lol. but, do not underestimate the taste. guys, you should try this. what a delicious!!!! while in semarang, i never taste somethin bad, for sure :)

after taste the traditional resto, we move out into one of the best spot for young associate. hahaha what a raw words. lol. named River View. again nd again the price is soooo cheap. wtf! i wish jakarta have a cheap one. sigh.
we laughed together, talked many things, ikbal boost my head, akmal was so busy to chat with idk who.
yeaaaahh i miss you booooyyy!!

at least, am ya'll girl for tonight, boys :)

ps: shhuutt... true independence and freedom can only exist in doing what's right :)


Senin, 22 Februari 2010

83 days in ‎​✗♥✗♥

actually, this surprise plan is all about 80 days in love with my boyfriend, but it just happened when tita suddenly went to bandung without talked anything to me. guys, this is continuing post from before. or you guys can name it with "the result of silly ways"

because me nd tita thought that it was be a surely surprise, but in fact, our boyfriend looked flat. but we don't know for sure if they might be cheerful indeed. lol.
our trip is started from 5 a.m nd what a morning. we went to bandung without no audio in car. tita had a cd that specially burn for us along the trip. jeez i didn't have no idea too why it could be happen actually. but we were still happy with sing out loud many silly songs. *wink*
and suddenly, i just lost my card highwyas. what a silly nd what a bad luck for the beginning. shit. we had looked around and still didn't find it. next, we were give up. finally, we must paid about Rp 89.OOO sigh :(
first destination is my boyfriend rented-room. we knocked on the door nd he looked just woke up. he just open the key without open the door. unbehave boy! next was tita's boyfriend. we were going to Unpad to gave him a minicake too. yeahh looked have unbehave too like my boyfriend did. unlucky us! our boyfriend looked FLAT. fak. lol.

our face when just arrived. sleepless :(

overall, i love mine whatever he is. jeez such a trash sentence, right? lol
don't mean it!
boy, we are running for 83 days until nowhen.
just like our love has began.

my love spreads into wherever you are :)

fyi: smooch thanks for Ranti nd Deny nd get well soon for tita's dady. after meet up for a while in Paris Van Java, tita got permisson to head back to jakarta. nd we were continue watching Wolfman without tita nd hers. sigh.

tita nd hers :)



hey bloggers am back!! been a long time since i written my last post. so sorry for so much reasons that i had. sigh. yeah just forgot about it nd let me tell you my new experience. hhi :)

actually i've a looooongg plan with my beloved bestie, Tita. we'd to Bandung which is where our college boyfriends in. our plan is going to Bandung but our boyf don't know it first. seems like a surprise or whatever you named it guys :)
  1. first destination --> we are so fuckin starving so that we go to Lamandau first to crunch Blenger but hellyeaah suddenly we jump out our destination to GULTIK!! we do love gultik.
  2. second destination --> we are going to Parish. FYI: Parish is one of my fave patisserie in South Jakarta (in front of Pertamina Hospital)
  3. third destination --> BALA-BALA. have you ever heard before guys? yeah it's like a repair shoes shop near from Taman Ismail Marzuki
  4. fourth destination --> suddenly we turn to Gramedia. we are not to buy a novels or books. but we just want to have "es teler". what an odd. lol
okey Tita always nd always remind me about the schedule plan. she said "Dina do not forget! we go out at 5 A.M nd do not late!" yeeeaaahhhh she is so captious! am just putted my daily fuckin ways in here. enjoyyyy readersssss :


Minggu, 07 Februari 2010


Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

short HOLY in DAY

aloha guys. been long time since i wrote my last post even only a week or more. actually i don't really like my bad habit to lazy post something in my blog. nd this is one of the evidence. sigh. last year on october or november (just forgot the month exact), i went to semarang with my big sista. the worst is we ran out a plane ticket. jeez! we immediately turned toward to the railway station. nd it was my biggest fear because i totally afraid of railroad. okey, semarang here we go :)

got at the railway station nd my attention focused on that western hhe :)

this is our face when just arrived in semarang nd what a tired. almost 5 years sitting quietly on the train. sigh.

the next day, we are goin to travel to booked the plane ticket to go back to jakarta. we don't want to run out the tickets again.

if ya'll go to semarang, do not forget to visit Bandeng Juwana, the most famous resto originally from Semarang people. the taste is surely nd totally delicious. my big recommend. slruupp i wanna go to that resto again nd again :)

my first time to go to this mountain. yeah the view was great! so much horses nd it makes my sister so afraid of. cold nd sweat mix to each other lol

what a great temples! so much nd scattered everywhere. can't believe it actually.

how can am not in ♥ with Jakarta? Monas, am in LOVE.

so folks, the end of my short holiday in semarang, indonesia. have you there so far? tell me :)