Minggu, 01 Agustus 2010

such a beautiful, very touching, and highly meaningful.

aku telah jatuh cinta lagi untuk yang kedua kali
tapi kali ini ku tak mengerti
dia yang begitu berarti mengapa bisa terganti
mungkin kali ini cinta sejati
~Risin' Black Hole

hello everyone! it's kindda weird i'm posting like this, yeah you know like a diary post. hehe. the lyrics above are not representative of my feelings but rather the opposite of what i feel. so far and i hope to the future i'll never feel about what the lyrics express. i am thankful for everything i have this time. love that i have such a beautiful, very touching, and highly meaningful.
everything went just like happen. i am waiting all the changes in his self and thank God i finally feel the changes. my grateful become increase. i don't know what the meaning of all that i feel. i can not even describe what love is. he filled my days with perfectly. full of twists, down and happy always happened, but our love was so strong in kindda wall blocking to push everything. i don't know to whom i should tell what i feel. maybe i'm not good to expressing feelings verbally.

i do love my colorful day
illustration by Octoriko Rendya Hatma
the colors in this illustration image represent the beauty of my world
merci beaucoup :)


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