Kamis, 01 Juli 2010

this is Fufun for silly quotes

first time you see him, you guys will interested in his physical appearance. can't be denied that he was not bad but i didn't say if he's cute too. lol. his behaviour is really weird. oh loooorrdd he's fuckin funny with his several quotes. okey, i always remember a sentence from him
"gue gak ganteng, tapi gue lucu. inget tuh."
ohh meeenn what do you have in your mind? haha.

beside, i love his another quote.
"Liburan ini hanya awal dari persahabatan ini"
jeez am so in love with this sentence. i love friendship. i love you guys.
you guys are my second family.
so much thanks Fufun for inspire me to write this post. and....
inspire me to know more about friendship :)


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Sillybubble mengatakan...

si funno memang selalu berkata yang mengejutkan! dan terkadang suka ga penting. khusunya "gue ga ganteng, tapi gue lucu"