Jumat, 02 Juli 2010


actually we almost didn't go to Tidung Island because we heard that the weather was not good to cross to island, but after a brief conversation's in a small restaurant we decided to remain desperate to get there. then we immediately tell the others to have fast packing. then, finally.... Tidung Island here we comeeeeeee :)
  1. fast-surely-packing
  2. solat subuh before we go to travel with rent a vehicle
  3. just arrived in Kartika Chandra, Jakarta, then waited for Pilat. guys, you should know that actually Pilat using an ambulance car to get us. lol
  4. Muara Angke. my first time to went there.
  5. take a short break then we were ready
  6. yeay safely arrived hhe. WELCOME TO TIDUNG ISLAND :)
  7. looking for lodging. oh so hard in fact, but finally we've got an awesome one with the cheapest one include rent a bicycle, a boat and snorkling
  8. take a short break then we were ready to explore the island with ride a bicycle.
  9. because it was too cool to play, the end we become the last group and unfortunately there is no lighting and a strong signal
  10. after a tiring day, all of us sleep very soon after play UNO. tiring but fun. for sure :)

4 komentar:

Fenly Anafary Rusli mengatakan...

kak, kalo kesananya pulang pergi aja cukup gak waktunya?

SEXY NERD DINC'S mengatakan...

cukup sih sayang tapi jd ga maksimal. nginep sehari aja minimal :)

Sillybubble mengatakan...

aahh.. aku irriii pengen ikutan kesana jugaa

SEXY NERD DINC'S mengatakan...

ayoooo :)