Selasa, 20 Juli 2010

busway experience

tired face

How's your day? it's 9.52 PM here and i'm still sitting calmly in front of the laptop while waiting for HARMONI in SCTV. think that it's the best musical event in Indonesia. i don't wanna tell you about the event program, but i wanna tell you all about my first experience of using busway. busway, held a public transportation to reduce congestion in indonesia. i strongly agree with the facilities already provide by this government, but ehm honestly am very lazy because it's always full and sometimes i also got stuck.

like i did two days ago when i had to attend the first call in the internship. i have to arrive at 9 o'clock, but in fact i can't bring a car because there are 3 in 1 time. poor me! therefor i must use the busway. busway station was already full with people who are also visible in the mood to start the day with busyness. i waited almost an hour to get the busway. my body was full of sweat and luckily i brought my iPod so i can listen to the up-beat songs. this is my first time and i just complaining, in fact i stood next to a woman who is pregnant. therefor i must be strong and should not be complaining. along the way finally i just stood up because the busway packed with passengers. i was wrong off the busway. shit! that day was very hot and i wear a blazer and skirt complete with heels. can you imagine? and i also wear make-up. sigh. call me a clown! not up there alone, i had to walk because of one off the busway. the first day became quite unlucky day.

besides that all, i get a lot of new experiences. i get the "science of live" from my boss. it is very meaningful at all and not be counted with the nominal money. so much thanks Mr. Yudhi for advice that you give. and i salute to the people-those that are willing to work hard to keep alive continuing. i realize that my self is still a long way to maturity. i realized if i had been living in luxury that makes me blind eye or eye lid about the lives of people who still lack. thank God for having made me realize how many people are willing to work hard to earn a more decent life. to all my loyal readers, i love you, and please love your self and respect the others. we must remember to continually thankful about of what we already have and give to those who lack. Allah is fair :)


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