Sabtu, 03 Juli 2010



this is our last day in Tidung Island. so much fuuun! starting the day with solat subuh then went to chill beach in other side of island. so quiet pretty. we walk in the sea into cross island. we stand in death corals. awesome! we hold sea cucumber, starfish, sea urchin, and gorgeous nemo. yeay! we play with small nemo. so cute. white and orange. oh melted! like Fufun sang in along the way to the island "yuuu kita ke pantaaai... yuu kita ke pantaai..." happiness :)
bye Tidung Island. gonna miss you with all of the simplicity.

*click photo to enlarge*

hope someday we'll go back full team --> Pilat, Aca, Bule, Itis, Harits, Restu, Fufun, Dina, Dito, and Andre.


ps: cost estimates if you wanna go there too. in fact, i just spent no more thanRp 400.000 what a cheap!
  • sheep fees from Muara Angke to Tidung Island --> Rp 35.000
  • rented house --> Rp 700.000 for 3 days
  • rented bicycle --> Rp 20.000 for 2 days
  • rented boat for snorkling --> Rp 300.000
  • snorkling equipment --> Rp 35.000

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