Sabtu, 03 Juli 2010


second day is all about snorkling timeeeee. yeay!! was so happy guys. we woke up very early morning and after solat subuh we went to the beach to took some sunrise picture. unfortunately, we were too late. sigh. i do love the sea and its life. many beautiful corals, weird marine animals, deep blue sea, hot and them. them? yeah my second family absolutely. i said weird marine animals because for sure that was my first time to see many strange marine animals. i saw jellyfish and i just known that so many kind of jellyfish. we got stung by a jellyfish type yarn. very itchy! grrr. my friend, Pilat looks so itchy. his body so arising spots. poor him. but the spots were gone after all of us all bask in the sun that was very hot! impact, our bodies become burnt. tanning, i called.
after satisfied with that funny things, we went to the beach to play volley (again). aahhh feels like heaven with them. after that all of us jumped from "Jembatan Cinta" ehm actually me and Restu didn't do that. my boyfriend forbid me beside am rather scared too, but restu is surely scared. lol.
waw. what a day!!!


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