Selasa, 20 Juli 2010

yeay mission complete!

another late posting. those above pictures are some pictures from our trip to give a surprise birthday to Restu, our close pals. actually that week was my final examination week. Restu didn't know that i'll be in jakarta to give her surprise. it takes a struggle at all to heading to her home. her house is very very very far away. moreover we stuck in some places. arrggghh. plus it turns out before we go, fufun got an accident. i thought we would fail to give her a surprise, but our struggle was successful. me very happy. my pray for fufun his hand sprained. but hey fun, you are still cute. lol.
when we arrived at restu's house, she was very suprised with our arrival. she had not expected that we would come. she yelled. hey curly, happy birthday. heheh. after that we ate dinner at the same time with her extended family at seafood restaurant. think that her mother is very happy too.
restu, hopefully you can become more mature again, indirectly lead to emotional problems and narrow mind. i am looking forward to you :)


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