Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

watersport in Benoa, Bali.

my bestie played parasailing in Benoa, Bali. It was in our holiday.
Besides parasailing, we also played banana boat. Had so much fun, but unfortunately, I don't really like water sport. Actually, I've a traumatic of sea :(


Selasa, 15 Februari 2011

A Day in Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), Bali.

I had a wonderful holiday with my bestie and friends. I went to Bali, but in this post I won't tell a lot about my whole holiday. Perhaps I'll write about it in another next post. In this occasion, I will write about my warm day in Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park, Bali. I went to GWK in my third day in there. There are so many amazing moments that we had. Here we goeeesss...

when we just arrived, we were looking for something new. GWK is full with canyon and there is a sculpture which is it does't really unfinished. The guide told us that the sculpture is only 20%. It means there must 80% that should be finished soon. The height of the sculpture is more less than 150 meter from the sea. Amazing yeah!

after walked around, we were eating something and wait for another performance. There will be a Balinese Parade at 5 p.m and we just can't terribly wait hehe. Here are some pictures of Balinese Parade :)

also, we watched Kecak Collaboration Dance in sunset time. How romantic it was! Yes! We were watching very seriously and sometimes we threw a praise for the dancers or for the whole participants in the Kecak Dance. We make an imagination that when we have a child soon, we will introduce her/him to Indonesian traditional dance, in this occasion is Kecak Dance. Very natural and pretty good! Here are some photos of the performance...

Over all, I am really enjoy thay day so much! My bestie also felt the same. I paid for the qulified entertainment venues. And fyi, Iron Maiden will make a concert in Indonesia in two different places. First, in Jakarta and second in Bali. I saw the billboard that Iron Maiden will use GWK as a concert venue. What a great! I can't imagine it. It's gonna be an amazing concert. It's like a assimilation between heavy metal and a thicky cultural. Awesome! Stunning! Guys, if you never go to GWK, I recommend you guys to come. Why? Because GWK nowadays become an icon of Bali. That's what i heard from the guide and the video of making GWK. Nice and warm place. Aaaaannddd it's so cheap!!! Come onnnnn......




Finally, after a looooonggg time no see with my girl! Miss her so much. Many things to do on that day. Kiss and hug each other. Tell everyone how much i miss her. First destination was bring her mother into her mother's office then also bring her little-pretty-sister into her campus. In our plan, tita and I would go to Bina Nusantara University, let's say Binus. Tita accompanied me to finish my business in Binus. I should took a photo for Binusian Id Card in that day because I can't attend into the main day. Both of us was totally blank with Binus' area. When we just arrived, i thought that the building was absolutely awesome. I didn't think it couldn't compare with my campus in Bandung even my campus in Bandung also had an awesome facilities too. After finished all of the things, my bestfriend in senior high school sent me a BBM. He said that i should met up with him in of one cafetaria around Binus. Kiss and hug for him too because it's been a while since we never met again. After in an extra chit-chat, Tita and I went to Senayan City for lunch. I was craving for Lasagna. Sounds delicious! Then suddenly my new friend, Cico came into Senayan City too. He said that he just finished for Tenis exercise in Senayan. Okey then. Nothing to write again means I don't what to say again. lol.


Senin, 07 Februari 2011

Fight for Final Project

the greatest value of a picture is when it forces us (me) to notice what we (me) never expected to see.

yeah those words recently flying in my mind. why? because i have to face up my last term in Telkom Polytechnic which is i should face up with the most sacred things, named Final Project! Oh my God, I'm so speechless about it. In fact, i still have 20 SKS for this last term and actually from now on, I am Binus student too. It means I am take a double degree since now, diploma and bachelor. Beside, I also have to teach taekwondo in two different places, Unikom University and GTK unit. I don't have an idea about what should i do except go with the flow.
I try to focus on creating what I desire. The bloody things that i face up was my decided. i should take the responsible for anything. One thing to remember is happiness is the key to success. therefore, i have to always cheerish for anything i do, no matter what.
Back to Final Project. Hey Final Project, let's fight with me! I'm not scared!! I should be a winner for the score of you. Let's begin for Final Project and please be nice to me :)


Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

Scream for these and those Mac's Collection!!!

oh my God, i just surfed my self into M-A-C official website. And i found a gorgeous things come from the latest collection from M-A-C.
M-A-C and Wonder Woman have joined forces this spring to bring us The Mac Wonder Woman Color Collection, a legendary line up of super-sized Mineralize Skinfinish, bold Eyeshadow Quads, Pigment, Opulash, Lipsticks and oversized Lipglass, jumbo-big Powder Blush and Penultimate Eye Liner, Nail Lacquer and Lash inspired by the larger-than-life Bold Babe.

some of M-A-C that i want it SO MUCH:

cute, isn't it? why my birthday is still so loooongg?? somebody bring me these cute collections :(
i love to make up my self and in fact, i usually use M-A-C as my perfect make up kit :)


Jumat, 04 Februari 2011

Melted sushi in Gong Xi

don't you think we are here for a reason? even many reasons? yes, we are! and this is one of my main reason. SUSHI!

i was born as an Indonesian. i live in multicultural country. sounds great? definitely! that's why i accustomed to eat variously food from Sabang until Merauke. but i don't have an idea when i first time I ate Sushi, kindda food from Japan. oh my god, it just like melted in my mouth. heaven! since then, i become a sushi lover a.k.a sushi addict. no matter what i always make a time to go to sushi restaurant. sometimes, if i have enough time, I will make it sushi by myself. i prepared for salmon, seaweed, mustard, etc. délicieux!
just like today, i went to Sushitei with beloved fellas, name Riani, Alma, and Icang. We just had so much fun! tried some various kind of sushi. aaahhh truely heaven!



humanity and maturity

never happy not satisfied always complain for nothing. hopes and dreams are fading away.
It's not hard to figure it out. There's no doubt, you'll find a way. Live the moment each and everyday.
I don't know why, I can't see the beauty in front of me.

yes, people always complain for something that it shouldn't do. what a humanity! isn't it? but i don't think we can get a huge advantages by doing complain. for me, to reach a dream we should try hard and never give up. obstacle will always come around, but guys don't you ever think, if we never get a problem, we never being more mature. why? because we can practice our maturity by solving a problem.