Minggu, 20 Juni 2010

i know when boldy told me to catch the root beer

hey, am doing assignments always
almost in every night. you know what? AM SATISFIED!
my cheek become hollow if i always think about final assignments in every night. realize that it's my responsibility moreover my major is rather hard between another majors, informatics.
should i complaint? to whom? don't think so. useless!
i just wanna breath.
let me breath. sigh. thank you.
everyone in my campus wants to understand more about kindda informatics subjects. i know it will be going fun, but think that if we are going to have final examination, we always and always been busy with FINAL PROJECT.
this term, my night full of coding of XML, PHP, and CSS. Beside, my night full of making kindda documentations of its presentation.

whatever. let me catch my funny world.
bye bye ass-ignments.
am already done.
thank you.

last, enjoy the presentation week Dina Meidianti. yeay!

ps: ouhh my boldy and root beer, you guys are my mood-booster. adioooosss.


Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010

first saturday night turns to first time i know the world of you

hey, this is our first saturday night anyway even we've been together in a month. our bustle force us to take leave every weekend. sigh. but we had plan to have a dinner then watching Karate Kid on Blitz Paris Van Java. Then, we were going to watch Argentina vs ? in MU cafe. ah yeess plan is just a planned. you know what? he was late to pick me up, the reason is he was busy in the mirror. ohh what the hell!! think am so chill then. we went away to PVJ (stil) with our fully jokes. when just arrived, my best buddy, Jonathan, called me. he said he's on Kopi Lay with his family. he invited us to join dinner together. i didn't know how to reject it. compulsary, we accepted it. ahhhh plan with romantic thing was gone. we talked a lot. we laughed a lot. then, when we finished our dinner, we were going to MU Cafe, buuutt aahhh i saw my fuckin ex-boyfriend ever. I decided to cancel our plan to go there. Unlucky night we thought!!!
i didn't know how to say to him. then i saw him with his gesture. thought he was thinking something. appearly, he asked me to go to somewhere about kindda music place, especially about classic music. in fact, i didn't know how to think then i was agree with his cure. then we went to Classic Rock Cafe, near from Braga Street. Jeeeezzz it was a really cool place!! i love the decoration. all about surely Classic Rock Band such as Led Zeppelin either The Beatles. I should tell my mommy 'cause she loves those bands too.
aahhh i don't ever think that i've a messy first saturday night. my first saturday night full of first many things i ever did. From Unlucky become very lucky lucky lu-lu-lu-luuuckkkyyy :)

smooch :)


Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

consider that you are not only as a lovable boyfriend

am i a child?
i am not a high school student anymore
if i share a lot with you, means i consider you as my best friend
then what i got?
at least that was what i got from the words of you



Kamis, 17 Juni 2010

I am living out my fantasy

Dear, Pradito.

been a month we've together. one thing is certain, we don't have a lot of stories together, but one thing for sure, you've managed to make me forget somebody. yeah finally i'm free from the shadows of the past. you would think that shadow is "the trauma", but you are wrong!! whatever the shadow is, i just wanna have some fun with you now and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and so on.
ten days ago i gave you a gift. not a really special gift. it just thank me for all your kindness, your love, and your care. oh and also to remind you that always remember the Lord. i am very very grateful for your willingness for the better. and i really really appreciate all the processes of your change. thank you. glad to know you.
in fact, no one can compare to you. i'm not living in the past, sweetheart. so don't ever to be worry. i can't get you off my mind, no matter what i do. dear, i'm wishing you were here with me now accompany me to make this post. ah shit, i'm being such a love sick fool!! Ditooo, you give a good heart to me.
see people don't see what i see 'cause think that love is blind and see people don't know what i know 'cause they think i'm losing my mind. but hell-yeaaahh i decide, i choose. hope you'll be my priest. i know you can, dear.
you are mad at me because i had a story to tell. i'm sorry. i didn't mean to. i think boyfriend is my best friend to so that i can share a lot. apollogize me. really. missing the way you smile and how you comfort me. missing your scent. missing your laugh.

missing me?


sister act.

I am about missing my sister and luckily my niece come too. fyi, i'm back to jakarta (finally) since a looongg time. have a study in other place make me so fuckin feel homesick in several times. i've tried my best at everything that i can. yeahh i should strong!!


Jumat, 04 Juni 2010

loved up, Doved up, hung around, stoned in a lonely town
shaking their meat to the beat
High on diesel and gasoline, psycho for drum machine
shaking their bits to the hits
You don't think about it
You don't do without it
because you're beautiful
And if your baby's going crazy
that's how you made me
Oh, here they come, the beautiful ones, the beautiful ones.
la la la laaaa...
Beautiful Ones - Suede

Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

nothing but dance

Dance to the beat of the music
Dance to the beat of the floor
Dance to the beat of the drums
Dance to the beat of the rhythm
Dance to the beat of the wall
Dance to the beat of the clock
Dance to the beat of the guitar
Dance to the beat of the table
Dance to the beat of the computer
Dance to the beat of my voice
~Daniel Vango~

guys, thanks for coming then supporting. smooch :)

my last, thank you boy for coming. thank you for record. thank you for love (shy).
then, thank you for your middle finger. lol.