Rabu, 26 Mei 2010

new sweet year, mommy :)

Halo Dina Meidianti. BBM nya off ya? Daritadi ga nyampe soalnya. Hmm kalo gitu saya cuma mau bilang goodnight. Jangan malam-malam tidurnya. Oiya sampaikan salamku untuk mamamu. Bilang selamat ulang tahun. Yaudah deh I Love You *>

Dear Pradito,

Memang terlihat sederhana tetapi ternyata sangat bermakna. Terima kasih karena perhatian kamu tidak hanya tertuju kepada saya, tetapi ibu saya juga. Sekali lagi, ini sangat bermakna.



May 20 was a beautiful day for my mother. call it one more growing old. i'm still grateful to get through with her, although hampered by distance and my obligation as a child to continue education. actually i was quite sad because i couldn't directly correct to say "happy birthday" on that day, but i can do nothing. activities on campus forced me to stay in Bandung. but on friday i went to Semarang to give her suprise. Love You Mom. Happy Birthday. You Are My Angel. You Are My Day. You Are My Strength. You Are My Everything :)

these are pictures of me in semarang and i've appointment with my old friend, Balqi. now he's an announcer in Prambors Semarang. Here we gooooooo...



Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

our strength is our cohesive
our cohesive is our pride

Senin, 24 Mei 2010


place : rented-room
stuffs : bold then ipod (for sure)
listen to : Mocca songs
ambition : ?
obsessed to : lose weight
passion : dance, photography (?)
thinking : thought about life either past or future, when i go back to Jakarta?
missed : bom-bom car, besties, high school, city light and him

wait for : surprise that will happen in my life :)

Like Ranti Nauli did, happy without no reason.


Jumat, 21 Mei 2010

we name the mistakes we made in the past:

don't be afraid to share youR experiences whether good or not.
in fact, it can be good to be true.


Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

been long time since i never go back to jakarta. not because i don't wanna but i don't really have enough time to go back. beside i've so many assignments, i also have another deskjob. i should seek funding for my college's event. if i can count it, i haven't been back to jakarta for around three months. sigh. guys, am so tiring with all of this shitty. feel i don't have enough time!! 24 hours --> absolutely less less and less time!!!
thanks for my bitchy Chieka and Irma then my brothers Jeje and Nabyl for the trip. It was nice and unsleepy. AWESOME!!! JAKARTAAAA, WE ARE BAAAAACCKKK :)

Because I no longer know where home is.


Selasa, 18 Mei 2010

Tiga Kata Satu Arti

Pradito Damar Setiady : heeey
Pradito Damar Setiady : Baikan
Pradito Damar Setiady : Yaaaang
Dina Meidianti : Iyaa
Pradito Damar Setiady : Drmn ajaaa?
Dina Meidianti : Ga dr mana2
Pradito Damar Setiady : Baru di baleees :(
Dina Meidianti : Tdr tadi aku
Pradito Damar Setiady : Oohh hehehe
Pradito Damar Setiady : Baikan yaaa
Dina Meidianti : Iyaaaaa
Pradito Damar Setiady : *hug
Dina Meidianti : Ujan yah?
Pradito Damar Setiady : Iya nih
Pradito Damar Setiady : si asbak blm plg
Pradito Damar Setiady : kalo ga jd ntn oasis aku ke kosan kamu ya

saya rasa kamu tidak perlu meminta maaf.
saya rasa kamu perlu tau ungkapan perasaan saya.
tapi saya berharap kamu tidak membaca post ini. karena saya malu.

Dia. Karang-karang kesabaran yang tumbuh di lubuk kalbu meleburkan kebimbangan sebuah keraguan. saat luka menguburkan semburat hasrat rindu dari kelamnya cerita lalu.


Sabtu, 15 Mei 2010

rain. emotion. traffic. us :)

talking about friendship, what an endless! we can find many angels tangible human being, which gives colour to our lives. that all the wounds that tore his heart, i can also feel and pierce my own soul. silly but it happens. do you realize that pain is always looking at your face is one of the worst nightmare that weighed me off.

there is no clear pearls of love
smooth as silk no affection
there is no sincerity as pure as dew
friendship is not...
mathematics which can be calculated value
economics who expects maerial
coding demanded by the logic

ps : do not ever think cause i've a boyfriend, i don't have more time with you. it will never happen. i know him because of you so that i should say a big thanks for you, Restu Elisya :)


Selasa, 11 Mei 2010

copeland :)

it was amazing Copeland. i swear but in fact am not really memorized almost all of the lyrics. me nd my boyfriend have similar thoughts about the concert from overseas artist. we think if there are foreign artists who came to indonesia, whoever it, we've to spend time to watching, including Copeland. we didn't really memorized the lyrics but we just sang lallalalalala nd took same pictures then recorded the video. so what else? yeaah fuckin happened. suddenly my disease recurrence. first i thought that it was a great sound system that my heart beat faster but suddenly i looked down nd tried to keep stand up. my boyfriend didn't realize. i felt my heart beat faster growing. then it was hard for me to breath nd i slumped weakly. after that, pretty sure i forgot anything. one thing i know was i got up in PMI. lol. okey i just wanna say, i love you either your friends too :)

Cause I need you
Like the dragonfly's wings need the wind
Like the orphan needs home once again
Like heaven needs more to come in
I need you here like you've always been
Priceless - Copeland