Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

coaster roaler

i always know i prefer it this way
not a puppet, not a flower
not something pink
Soul I.d *click for download

it is one of songs that i changed into english. two months lived my days with him. how does it feel so far? as a roler coaster ride. lol. sometimes we debate things that do not seem to debated. nd i admit it comes from me. haha. he rarely start fights anw, but i admit that i debated what was initially emerged from his behavior.

his behavior. yeaah he is. but idk why i enjoyed it very well. he's not a man full of "kegombalan", he's a far cry from the romantic. yeah sometimes i wanted to like Restu Elisya that very often given romantic things by her boyfriend, but hellyeaaah that is Andy Prasetya. a man who lives with independence, who don't like regulated-set, nd the man who rarely say the words i love you lol.
i may wish he was a little more changes. any changes that contains the positive things. treat me like i treat him. love me more than i love him. yes, i love him. sometimes i can't even speak in front of him. sometimes i beat it, but it only occasionally. lol.

two months you managed me to fall in love. i don't deny it. YOU, figure who often annoying me, often disturb me. but now i turned around to love you nd always continue to sing. i've never though of going together with you.

two months with you, as a roler coaster ride, P.


Minggu, 24 Januari 2010

mac-in bye BASTARD

let me introduce my another bestfriend, hey ya'll.
she is Ranti Nauli, my lovely tiny-skinny-curly bestie.
i bet you will love her as i love.
so much thanks for you baby for everything that you told me. it makes my eyes got open nd my my heart got close. totally closed!! love make us blind, right? okey let me tell the whole story then.

ex means past nd past gonna be the best experience for the future. i don't know nothing firstly, but Ranti told me something that change my whole life from now on. you know what? IN FACT, my ex boyfriend was cheated on me! wtf. i don't really care actually because i do have another new relationship, but hey it hurts indeed you know?! i though we can ended this relationship with kind of words like "we all fine" but hey you are sick!
when we still had that relationship, he always protect me in many ways. but hell-yeah love is blind. i just forgot if boys protect you something that it means he did. Ranti told me because her friend told her the whole story. yeaah and now, my respect for my ex boyfriend is GONE!!!

next, Ranti nd i had something nice. we ordered Pizza Hut A LOOOOTT!!! lol.. then we took some silly pictures. i wanna say this, "baby, am so sorry that we didn't have a long time. sigh."


Jumat, 22 Januari 2010

HIGH SCHOOL, the most wonderful moment ever.

begin with a sense of sadness. sad because i couldn't get my favourite high school. yeah i'm in 3 Senior High School Jakarta then. nd i don't feel regret ya'll! am feel so lucky, indeed. these photos make so spoiled ohhhhh!! missing my time to cheated on teacher, set an angel face to the headmaster, jumped at the canteen, gossip-ed, danced, looked for our handsome senior (geez), and so on. guys, each of these term photos had their own stories. let us start from this below :)

XII - IS - A 2008
best class that i ever had :)

Majelis Perwakilan Kelas Teladan
thankful for give me ya'll responsible, 2008 :)

(lol) am became ehm just look nd do not laugh.

beside of Prom Night, these are make me crying :)

masa SMA...
masa yang pernah hadir
dan terlukis dalam kanvas hidup kita
suatu masa yang saat ini pernah menjadi kenangan
mungkin manis atau mungkin pahit
dimana kenangan tersebut
akan terus kita ingat atau kita lupakan
perpisahan bukanlah kehilangan
hanya batas tipis antara kisah dan kenangan

dedicated for all of my friends in 3 Senior High School Jakarta
i pray for ya'll always.