Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

short HOLY in DAY

aloha guys. been long time since i wrote my last post even only a week or more. actually i don't really like my bad habit to lazy post something in my blog. nd this is one of the evidence. sigh. last year on october or november (just forgot the month exact), i went to semarang with my big sista. the worst is we ran out a plane ticket. jeez! we immediately turned toward to the railway station. nd it was my biggest fear because i totally afraid of railroad. okey, semarang here we go :)

got at the railway station nd my attention focused on that western hhe :)

this is our face when just arrived in semarang nd what a tired. almost 5 years sitting quietly on the train. sigh.

the next day, we are goin to travel to booked the plane ticket to go back to jakarta. we don't want to run out the tickets again.

if ya'll go to semarang, do not forget to visit Bandeng Juwana, the most famous resto originally from Semarang people. the taste is surely nd totally delicious. my big recommend. slruupp i wanna go to that resto again nd again :)

my first time to go to this mountain. yeah the view was great! so much horses nd it makes my sister so afraid of. cold nd sweat mix to each other lol

what a great temples! so much nd scattered everywhere. can't believe it actually.

how can am not in ♥ with Jakarta? Monas, am in LOVE.

so folks, the end of my short holiday in semarang, indonesia. have you there so far? tell me :)


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