Kamis, 25 Februari 2010

treat me like a girl, hey you boys!

hey-hoo am in semarang again for many times nd what a special holiday for this time :)
idk for sure is it a holiday or i just spent my leisure time in semarang, but one thing for sure this is what am waiting for. been two years i never met them since our high school. they are one of my besties.
named ikbal nd akmal.
yeaah ikbal turns his nickname into balqi. he said that it's his new on-air name (fyi: ikbal is announcer too in Prambors Semarang, hhe) nd the other, akmal, my old rival in senior high school reincarnate into a vocalist. haha. everything changes!!

we went to traditional restaurant near from Undip. do not ask me about the price. i think everything is sssooo cheap! idk why but it was save my wallet. lol. but, do not underestimate the taste. guys, you should try this. what a delicious!!!! while in semarang, i never taste somethin bad, for sure :)

after taste the traditional resto, we move out into one of the best spot for young associate. hahaha what a raw words. lol. named River View. again nd again the price is soooo cheap. wtf! i wish jakarta have a cheap one. sigh.
we laughed together, talked many things, ikbal boost my head, akmal was so busy to chat with idk who.
yeaaaahh i miss you booooyyy!!

at least, am ya'll girl for tonight, boys :)

ps: shhuutt... true independence and freedom can only exist in doing what's right :)


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