Senin, 22 Februari 2010

83 days in ‎​✗♥✗♥

actually, this surprise plan is all about 80 days in love with my boyfriend, but it just happened when tita suddenly went to bandung without talked anything to me. guys, this is continuing post from before. or you guys can name it with "the result of silly ways"

because me nd tita thought that it was be a surely surprise, but in fact, our boyfriend looked flat. but we don't know for sure if they might be cheerful indeed. lol.
our trip is started from 5 a.m nd what a morning. we went to bandung without no audio in car. tita had a cd that specially burn for us along the trip. jeez i didn't have no idea too why it could be happen actually. but we were still happy with sing out loud many silly songs. *wink*
and suddenly, i just lost my card highwyas. what a silly nd what a bad luck for the beginning. shit. we had looked around and still didn't find it. next, we were give up. finally, we must paid about Rp 89.OOO sigh :(
first destination is my boyfriend rented-room. we knocked on the door nd he looked just woke up. he just open the key without open the door. unbehave boy! next was tita's boyfriend. we were going to Unpad to gave him a minicake too. yeahh looked have unbehave too like my boyfriend did. unlucky us! our boyfriend looked FLAT. fak. lol.

our face when just arrived. sleepless :(

overall, i love mine whatever he is. jeez such a trash sentence, right? lol
don't mean it!
boy, we are running for 83 days until nowhen.
just like our love has began.

my love spreads into wherever you are :)

fyi: smooch thanks for Ranti nd Deny nd get well soon for tita's dady. after meet up for a while in Paris Van Java, tita got permisson to head back to jakarta. nd we were continue watching Wolfman without tita nd hers. sigh.

tita nd hers :)


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