Senin, 22 Februari 2010


hey bloggers am back!! been a long time since i written my last post. so sorry for so much reasons that i had. sigh. yeah just forgot about it nd let me tell you my new experience. hhi :)

actually i've a looooongg plan with my beloved bestie, Tita. we'd to Bandung which is where our college boyfriends in. our plan is going to Bandung but our boyf don't know it first. seems like a surprise or whatever you named it guys :)
  1. first destination --> we are so fuckin starving so that we go to Lamandau first to crunch Blenger but hellyeaah suddenly we jump out our destination to GULTIK!! we do love gultik.
  2. second destination --> we are going to Parish. FYI: Parish is one of my fave patisserie in South Jakarta (in front of Pertamina Hospital)
  3. third destination --> BALA-BALA. have you ever heard before guys? yeah it's like a repair shoes shop near from Taman Ismail Marzuki
  4. fourth destination --> suddenly we turn to Gramedia. we are not to buy a novels or books. but we just want to have "es teler". what an odd. lol
okey Tita always nd always remind me about the schedule plan. she said "Dina do not forget! we go out at 5 A.M nd do not late!" yeeeaaahhhh she is so captious! am just putted my daily fuckin ways in here. enjoyyyy readersssss :


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