Selasa, 05 Januari 2010



hope ya'll had a good start on the first day of 2010. actually i had a couple days in Bali as my holiday. am so excited to tell ya'll but am really sorry that i can tell you in this post. i'll tell you in next next and next post :)

guys, so many things happened in 2009. i know it was really nice but certainly some are not unpleasant. let me tell yaaaaa
  1. got the camera on my birthday and eleminated a few months later *sigh
  2. got the LOMO (manifold: Holga) as my birthday gift :)
  3. got the award from campus as the most popular student (it really happened and idk) smooch :)
  4. meet the increasingly rare fams :(
  5. ended a relationship with someone very special and that time was one of the most difficult i had to go through by myself.
  6. finally found someone special again after a moment of adversity. thanks Lord :)
  7. had a holiday in Bali Island with him, Andy Prasetya :)
and nowwwww it is 2010. new year, new time and new experience. i dont wanna have a new boyfriend in this year. lol. but hey guys i've some wishes for this year ehm but i dont know a lot about resolution so i never write about it this time. All i want areeeee......

do hair coloring. i'd love to change my hair color but i dont know what color then. any suggestions?

hair extensooooo i want it sooooooo :) idk why but i felt my hair is too short. i feel jealous with my dancer because of their long hair. but i think with doing this will just waste my money, am I?

my style changed from feminime to be a little boyish. but actually am an edgy one. and in this 2010 am so sure that everyone can have their own style with freedom :)

and so on from my wishlist or call it resolution :)

guys, am so excited on this year. i love ten means 10. ten is my birthdate. ten is my lucky number. 10 is meeeee!!!

so readers, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010. enjoy your new year :)


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