Kamis, 14 Januari 2010


my days walking with a normal. until one day my close pal asked me a question,
"sis, what was wrong with him?"
i was surprised by the question which i thought was a sudden. i would answer,
"who? why? what is it?"
my friend looked surprised. maybe she also surprised that i did know nothing. then she explained,
"it was him. i saw his tweets. he looked upset"
i began to understand who wrote she was talking. and i replied,
"i don't know nothing. am sorry. i also tried to not much interfere"
my friend nodded and seemed sorry to ask about it because she knew that anything related with him makes my life like a roler-coaster. yes. dizzy. am dizzy without him. almost seven months i felt it. and he's upset now. though i know it's not because of me.
because i was just a memory. a sheet either black or white in his eyes.
but one thing for sure, sheet that has been locked. either by whom.
even then i cried. am myself confused. what's the point i was crying? who is he? why me? i tried to deal with anything.
c h o i s e s.
i find the words. i've chosen someone who can make me more happy and happy. choises that make him also choise a new girl. i know her better then me probably. no one looking for someone who is worse then previously.
i can't go on like this. am appreciate my life more than anything. doing here is for my future. for no one. thank you.


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