Jumat, 25 September 2009

some of bunch photos

actually, yesterday was wika's photo session
but idk why it would be my photo session too
i didn't bring dress
i didn't bring make up
so it means i didn't dress up
and my photographer, called "daddy" didn't bring anyt
hing for me
he just said "i don't care about your dress, but i
do care about your face. you look so cute"
eh? ME? CUTE?
you are kidding me, daddy! lol

FYI: what I wore
  • zara off-white-bikers-jacket
  • zara black-top (thanks tita for this birthday gift)
  • black tight
  • leopard flat shoes
*some of those photos (me and wika)*

ps: after all of that busy time, we went to the nearest McD from there. we shared a lot and so much devices we got from daddy. Daddy's character is look like my father. So talk-active and full of experience stories. I think I should introduce daddy to my real daddy. lol. And after that, we went to Mall of Indonesia and I think I'll post it in another entry. See ya'll in next posting.


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