Kamis, 24 September 2009

get(ing) married 2 in reunion

met my fellas yesterday in senayan city
wonder how long that we don't have enough time to hang-out together
around two years
I'm so shocked when I saw Jami a.k.a Yami for the first time
he looked so thin. really thin!!
he said "I'm full of subjects in my campus"
WTF booyyyyy LOL
next, we went to Sushi Tei
yeah.. our fave resto to gossiping
so much things we talked
no exception!
then, we thought to watch "Get Married 2"
unfortunely, we must walk-out from Senayan City to Plaza Senayan
therefor we watched "Get Married 2" there

guys, missing them so much
Yami, Cory, Tika, Gepeng lol
and the others?
where are they?
gonna make a plan to hangout together again immediately

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