Senin, 28 September 2009


On a quiet night
Me realize what I've done
Making your heart imprisoned
By expecting your love
Now I like waiting

Love do not you go
Then leave me alone
Love please do not you run out
What is the meaning of true life
Without love and affection

Go back to you my love
Do not determine to leave me
Although I used to hurt you
But you're just filling my heart

When will you know
When you're far away
Crying my heart
Could you right back?

No one will ever fill my heart
It's you fill my heart
Can you hear my heartbeat?
It felt wonderful in my heart, surely.

When I closed my eyes
You present in my dreams
when we were together
Clearly illustrated by your smile, J.

Indeed we've had together

But I fell so in love
I never mean to bother you
Only it was not easy for me


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