Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

let past be a past.

I am not a prisoner of a past

this is "night-writing" that i make a sudden at this very moment. been long time since i wrote my last post. did you guys miss my post? oh sorry, am just too confident about it. what happened to my life lately? i experienced a lot lately then i'll divide into some posts.

brainstorming always happen anytime. mainly for myself. so far i appreciate what i've got. i heart my family with everything they gave to me, i heart my best friends, i heart my environment and heart everything which i haven't mentioned here. at least i tried to love everything.
guys, i don't know what should i write tonight. fyi, tonight is 11.45 p.m and i can't sleep at all. i can only write about what i feel and what i think tonight.

tonight i'm like a 15-year-old girl who is very still unstable. i have friend who said "someone is born from the past". is that true? whether i have it? i don't like not even willing to live in the shadow of the past. i tried to make the past as a valuable lesson, not to be used as a trauma. but i admit it was hard to continue to look forward without looking back. i still get closer to Allah swt. so i was given the strength to remain steadfast in carrying out day-to-day. Without reducing my gratitude towards to the past that i've experienced, especially for the bad or painful, i really hope i can stand alone or alive on the top of my shadow NOW and pursuing a shadow for my FUTURE.


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