Kamis, 17 Juni 2010

I am living out my fantasy

Dear, Pradito.

been a month we've together. one thing is certain, we don't have a lot of stories together, but one thing for sure, you've managed to make me forget somebody. yeah finally i'm free from the shadows of the past. you would think that shadow is "the trauma", but you are wrong!! whatever the shadow is, i just wanna have some fun with you now and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and so on.
ten days ago i gave you a gift. not a really special gift. it just thank me for all your kindness, your love, and your care. oh and also to remind you that always remember the Lord. i am very very grateful for your willingness for the better. and i really really appreciate all the processes of your change. thank you. glad to know you.
in fact, no one can compare to you. i'm not living in the past, sweetheart. so don't ever to be worry. i can't get you off my mind, no matter what i do. dear, i'm wishing you were here with me now accompany me to make this post. ah shit, i'm being such a love sick fool!! Ditooo, you give a good heart to me.
see people don't see what i see 'cause think that love is blind and see people don't know what i know 'cause they think i'm losing my mind. but hell-yeaaahh i decide, i choose. hope you'll be my priest. i know you can, dear.
you are mad at me because i had a story to tell. i'm sorry. i didn't mean to. i think boyfriend is my best friend to so that i can share a lot. apollogize me. really. missing the way you smile and how you comfort me. missing your scent. missing your laugh.

missing me?


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