Minggu, 20 Juni 2010

i know when boldy told me to catch the root beer

hey, am doing assignments always
almost in every night. you know what? AM SATISFIED!
my cheek become hollow if i always think about final assignments in every night. realize that it's my responsibility moreover my major is rather hard between another majors, informatics.
should i complaint? to whom? don't think so. useless!
i just wanna breath.
let me breath. sigh. thank you.
everyone in my campus wants to understand more about kindda informatics subjects. i know it will be going fun, but think that if we are going to have final examination, we always and always been busy with FINAL PROJECT.
this term, my night full of coding of XML, PHP, and CSS. Beside, my night full of making kindda documentations of its presentation.

whatever. let me catch my funny world.
bye bye ass-ignments.
am already done.
thank you.

last, enjoy the presentation week Dina Meidianti. yeay!

ps: ouhh my boldy and root beer, you guys are my mood-booster. adioooosss.


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