Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010

first saturday night turns to first time i know the world of you

hey, this is our first saturday night anyway even we've been together in a month. our bustle force us to take leave every weekend. sigh. but we had plan to have a dinner then watching Karate Kid on Blitz Paris Van Java. Then, we were going to watch Argentina vs ? in MU cafe. ah yeess plan is just a planned. you know what? he was late to pick me up, the reason is he was busy in the mirror. ohh what the hell!! think am so chill then. we went away to PVJ (stil) with our fully jokes. when just arrived, my best buddy, Jonathan, called me. he said he's on Kopi Lay with his family. he invited us to join dinner together. i didn't know how to reject it. compulsary, we accepted it. ahhhh plan with romantic thing was gone. we talked a lot. we laughed a lot. then, when we finished our dinner, we were going to MU Cafe, buuutt aahhh i saw my fuckin ex-boyfriend ever. I decided to cancel our plan to go there. Unlucky night we thought!!!
i didn't know how to say to him. then i saw him with his gesture. thought he was thinking something. appearly, he asked me to go to somewhere about kindda music place, especially about classic music. in fact, i didn't know how to think then i was agree with his cure. then we went to Classic Rock Cafe, near from Braga Street. Jeeeezzz it was a really cool place!! i love the decoration. all about surely Classic Rock Band such as Led Zeppelin either The Beatles. I should tell my mommy 'cause she loves those bands too.
aahhh i don't ever think that i've a messy first saturday night. my first saturday night full of first many things i ever did. From Unlucky become very lucky lucky lu-lu-lu-luuuckkkyyy :)

smooch :)


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