Selasa, 15 Februari 2011


Finally, after a looooonggg time no see with my girl! Miss her so much. Many things to do on that day. Kiss and hug each other. Tell everyone how much i miss her. First destination was bring her mother into her mother's office then also bring her little-pretty-sister into her campus. In our plan, tita and I would go to Bina Nusantara University, let's say Binus. Tita accompanied me to finish my business in Binus. I should took a photo for Binusian Id Card in that day because I can't attend into the main day. Both of us was totally blank with Binus' area. When we just arrived, i thought that the building was absolutely awesome. I didn't think it couldn't compare with my campus in Bandung even my campus in Bandung also had an awesome facilities too. After finished all of the things, my bestfriend in senior high school sent me a BBM. He said that i should met up with him in of one cafetaria around Binus. Kiss and hug for him too because it's been a while since we never met again. After in an extra chit-chat, Tita and I went to Senayan City for lunch. I was craving for Lasagna. Sounds delicious! Then suddenly my new friend, Cico came into Senayan City too. He said that he just finished for Tenis exercise in Senayan. Okey then. Nothing to write again means I don't what to say again. lol.


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