Senin, 07 Februari 2011

Fight for Final Project

the greatest value of a picture is when it forces us (me) to notice what we (me) never expected to see.

yeah those words recently flying in my mind. why? because i have to face up my last term in Telkom Polytechnic which is i should face up with the most sacred things, named Final Project! Oh my God, I'm so speechless about it. In fact, i still have 20 SKS for this last term and actually from now on, I am Binus student too. It means I am take a double degree since now, diploma and bachelor. Beside, I also have to teach taekwondo in two different places, Unikom University and GTK unit. I don't have an idea about what should i do except go with the flow.
I try to focus on creating what I desire. The bloody things that i face up was my decided. i should take the responsible for anything. One thing to remember is happiness is the key to success. therefore, i have to always cheerish for anything i do, no matter what.
Back to Final Project. Hey Final Project, let's fight with me! I'm not scared!! I should be a winner for the score of you. Let's begin for Final Project and please be nice to me :)


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aphrodita wibowo mengatakan...

like beatles said: happiness is a warm gun :) fight for ur final project :)