Selasa, 08 Desember 2009

i've put my trust on you

what do you have in your mind? would you ask me as i ask you? i'll answer. all i have to say is yeaaaahh am on flying. or falling, you named it. guys, am on lying in my bed. crunch my chocolate cookies and listening Another Perfect by American Hi Fi. is that a big deal for ya'll that i guess don't really like my daily close-friend? hey, fuck you! lol.
you are sweet like my cookies. you are fidgety like my lil sibling. and you just broken my bracket!!!!

p r a s e t y a

he asked me what was goin on in November? so you wanna know, right?
first November, when i decided to really leave my ex.
you have a sweet position
heart is you
ex is past
i don't wanna say that you are my future because you are so hell-shit-boy lol
but you are my now. you are my black in white paper. you are mine.
am so joyfull. first time in my life that there is someone wanna spend his time to sat and really patient to wait for me, in many activities.
sit and hold his blackberry
am so appreciate, baby.
you know how much i care, don't you?
wait for many suprises for you
and you know what? you are my suprise in my life


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