Selasa, 08 Desember 2009

heartless and am back, blogger

been long time since written my last post, blogger. nd may i yell HELL-OOH for ya'll?
am so missing my time to post somethin. and hell-yeah i skip everything for november. shit happen. NOVEMBAAAA!
i made a hard-truely-hard decision. as ya'll know or maybe entire of you, it was too hard to leaving someone that never really leave you. so what was in my mind?
indeed, am not a kite to play. am not a doll to keep.
am a human. i love you, no i mean i loved you!!!
and know? heartless. that's why i can't write anything. my words full of pain.
pain and am so wry!
where were you, hah?

and know, am back. bring my joy.
see yaa guys. next post: my newbie :)

ps: my cbox is doesn't work. idk why actually grroookkkk.

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