Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2009


i don't really know what would I say
because i'm so tiring of my daily life actually.
as a college student of IT (Information Technology) exactly and surely spend a lot of my time. does not less tiring with the student's of medical majors. my lecturers loved to give the assignment-s!!
it doesn't really matter if they give us a lot but with longer time, but what are they doing? they give us a-lot-of-assignments with narrow deadline.
oh-my-holy. sigh. inevitably i-must-do-it
yeah yeah yeahs i must do it to get the higher score in my final. don't you know guys, because of crowded-waw-schedule and also too many assignments, i've got sick then i can't attended the class for two days. you may think that it doesn't really matter if i didn't attend for two days but my oath, it can be a big problem. FYI, i can't follow up the quiz then so many materials subject that i missed.
So, if i have a holiday even only a day, it must be a quality time for me. i can lay down on my bed, i can watch dvd all days, even i can surf or blog-walking. nice!


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