Selasa, 13 Oktober 2009


PAPA!! papa is an authoritative figure
papa is a simple figure

papa is a generous figure

papa is an intelligent person

papa is a humorous figure

papa is a handsome figure

papa is a figure smiling

then papa is willing to work hard in order to provide for his family.

i would like to say happy birthday to my one-and-only papa.
although i know it's silly to wish like hopefully you have a long life, but i do wanna.
i hope you always get the health and growing faith
then i hope more and more dear to mom
also to us, your children.
i know, i'm growing up. so that, i need your figure too, beside mom of course.

once again, happy sweet fourty nine, papa.
all the best for you.


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areciuciu mengatakan...

happy birthday yah ommm.. May your days be straight and shine :)