Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011

The worst performance ever from myself!

It was the worst performance that I ever had! Such a bloody hell! Sorry for so many words of complaints that is spoken by me. I'm so dizzy on what I've done. That was a performance from Supercup 2011. Supercup is one of event from my campus sport activity. Aphrodite Dancer become a guest star for closing party. Hell-yeaaah I didn't prepare enough for everything, such as costume, shoes, make-up, even choreography.
Yes, choreography became the greatest scourge in that night. I didn't remember almost the whole steps of choreography. Silly! I know you guys will ask me, "How can it happened?" Simple answer --> because first time I was shocked that in the end of the song we should dance about one of Korean Song, Girls Generation. Do you know The Girls Generation a.k.a SNSD? I don't have an idea about it. Secondly, the suddenly erxercise is always be a big fuckin problem for us. I don't know why, but we always did the same mistake, fuckin suddenly exercise. Perhaps, each of us is have the own bussiness of anything like do an assignment or prepare for presentation.
Actually, I miss my time to dance like a queen. I can express myself with movement from my body. I can yell out with the words of beat.
Yeah, sooner or later would be better!!


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