Sabtu, 01 Mei 2010

happy as i can be ♥

enough to be sad. moreover sadness for love affairs. perhaps, i'll tell ya'll a lil core of the fuckin problem. past, i just broke up with my boyf cause of his own problem nd he was recognize it. no defense! he knew that he had fault nd i forgave him. no revenge moreover resent. but, someday he yelled at me for something that i didn't really know. am shocked. am depressed. am pretty sure i didn't do nothing. i didn't cheat or kind of it. am totally faith for him. nd now i know that some-fuckin-one told him like i did cheat him. in fact, a man who told my ex-boyf didn't know me. he just speculated. he just damnit! nd you know what? he likes me! seems like he heated my exboyf. wtf!! the concusion is my ex-boyf accused me nd then he hurted me. not only by his words but also with his rude! i don't appreciate him anymore. FUCK HIM! soulmate will come at the right time nd no matter the condition. one thing i know now, have a relationship with him is one of a big mistake that i ever made.
just to remember. do you remember how patient am i? how stupid am i? you act like a loser. sorry to say. okey off for you :)

anyway, i've something nice this week. i'll post later then, folks. nd here it is my recently play count nowadays:
  1. The Smiths : Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
  2. Oasis : Don't Look Back In Anger
  3. The Temper Trep : Sweet Disposition
  4. Coldplay : Yellow
  5. Copeland : She Changes Your Mind
  6. Lady GaGa : Monster
  7. Paramore : The Only Exception
  8. James Morisson : Man In The Mirror
  9. Justin Bieber : Baby
  10. La Roux : I'm Not Your Toy
  11. Mooney : I Don't Know Why
No pain in my heart just follow me by day anymore. am happy as i can be nd it's not camouflage. yeah around in this week am so fuckin focus on my midtest. some of the result had appear. thanks god i still can stabilize everything. guys, when am posting this post, am thinking about my future. wanna guess what happen in my life. am so appreciate with my own life. nd you should appreciate to yours too buddy. everything gonna be okey if you can make it easier :)


5 komentar:

ariefblog mengatakan...

some people fuckin crazy..but i still belive that you are strong loveble and you will be loved...

Dorothy Souhuwat mengatakan...

nice pics...

SEXY NERD DINC'S mengatakan...

so much thanks arief. i love you bestie :)

Lies Septi Sundari mengatakan...

you go sweetheart :)

SEXY NERD DINC'S mengatakan...

yeeaah lieesssss :)