Senin, 02 November 2009


my recently best-high-recommend-movies for ya'll



guys, those movies are my fave ever nowadays. both of them are thriller but have their own portion and plot. idk what to say and i'm pretty sure i don't have skill to write with best review. what i wanna say is, both of them are AWESOME!!! great directors with great actress/actor and also tough crew i thought. then why don't you watch it? have you?


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zechloeva mengatakan...

really ?
thanks !
i'll follow you back :)

arianlupuz mengatakan...


Anonim mengatakan...

Mau nonton orphan tapi gak jadi karena kayaknya menakutkan sekali >__<

SEXY NERD DINC'S mengatakan...

ah kemaren aja si arian bilang di twitter kalo Orphan jelek hahahah :)

SEXY NERD DINC'S mengatakan...

engga ko dwina. bagus :)